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Fallout: Last Vegas: Development Team credits:

RobertHouse United States
Position: Owner of the development team, main developer, help and support.
States: Always active.

Ox-Skull Australia
Position: Main developer, mapper.
States: Active.

Gunner China
Position: Main developer, story producer, help and support.
States: Active.

Diablo7707 China
Position: Main developer, main sprite maker.
States: Active.

Courier-6 United States
Position: Main developer, artist, mapper.
States: Active.

Assassin01 Hungary
Position: Artist.
States: Active.

Sootsmokeash China
Position: Bug tester.
States: Active.

Corpse101000011 Australia
Position: Sprite maker.
States: On stand by.

BrokenVegas Finland
Position: None.
States: Not active.

Allied development team credits:

States: On stand by.

RED-TEC members credits:

xxxRedMetalxxx United Kingdom
Reason: Provided assistance with sprite making and with other aspects of modding.
States: On stand by.

A special thanks to:

Untouchablelay United States
Reason: Sprite making and provided assistance with other aspects of modding.
States: On stand by.

Phenryr United States
Reason: Mod tester.
States: Not active.

Guzzer Germany
Reason: Provided the BAT file template.
States: Not active.

Der Fluger Ukraine
Reason: Made a lot of Vehicle sprites.
States: Active.

Darin Poland
Reason: Made several armor and character sprites.
States: Not active.

Jarekfall Poland
Reason: Made FT Improver and Sprite Creator.
States: Not active.

List in progress...

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