FALLOUT: Rebirth 


Here is some info on my new mod titled FALLOUT: Rebirth

Story so far (WiP)

The year 2256

Goris, the albino Deathclaw happens upon a settlement, that shows signs of having been raided. Upon exploration, he finds a small child hiding in a secret basement amongst the wreckage. He manages to coax the child out and learns his name is Callum, and that the village was raided by super mutants. The child's father having been captured along with the rest of the settlements inhabitants. He surveys the area noting only 2 dead supermutants, the child mentions his father killed them.

Goris is worried about the purpose of the raid, he knows when Super Mutants capture humans for a purpose other than slaughter, it is never good......

Images are (WiP)

FIRST IMAGE: Main land mass of shelter to be cut into tiles for the FoT editor.

SECOND IMAGE: A ruined building

STAY TUNED, for there is more to come!

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1 RobertHouse   [Entry]
awesome!! i cant wait to read and see more biggrin i wish you the best of luck bro.

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