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RobCo proudly presents Fallout: Last Vegas.

Its been 49 years since the last bomb was detonated on American soil on October-23-2077 after that there was silence, our vault, Vault 110 never heard a radio frequency or signal coming from the outside world after that day had ended.
We know that the vault's door will be unsealed and opened automatically in October-21-2127 exactly 50 years since the door was closed, we won't be alone there are 119 more vaults around the US that will open at the same time, each vault has a roll to play our vault is 1 of 20 vaults made specifically for military and purposes.

You will start your story in the military Vault 110 two days before the vaults door is expected to open, you are trained to use a gun and some power armor and you are selected to protect a secret package called a G.E.C.K. there are only 12 in existence, not much is known about it only that it is humanity's last hope to rebuilding our destroyed world. ...When the vault's door finally opens after 50 years your mission is to travel to Vault 111 our sister vault that plays the roll of food production and to deliver the G.E.C.K. to a scientist named "Zero" but when you finally reach Vault 111 using your Pip Boy 3000's map you will see that the vault has all ready been opened many years ago! Your new objective is to find your way to the Power Control Room and activate the generator to restore power to the vault so you can activate the Central Computer to collect its data, you then will return to the Overseer in Vault 110 to explain to him Vault 111's current situation...To be continued...

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