Enclave fixes and changes log 


Enclave fixes and changes log:


Converted all Chinese files to America, thus fixing the Chinese file bug.

Converted the old FT Improve's txt files to work with the new version.

Fixed all armor bugs.

Replaced the old Enclave Power Armor sprite with a new Enclave Power Armor sprite.

All unnecessary files deleted.


Some broken entitys fixed.

First mission's: wall and exit grid bugs fixed.

Missing portraits bug fixed.

Ammo and gun reloading bugs fixed.

Added some item descriptions.

Added a new character to the game.

Added another vertibird in mission 4 as a work around to the vertibird freeze bug.

All sprite and tile bugs fixed.


Download size and files fixed.


CG armor bug fixed.

First mission crash bug fixed.

All characters that reverse level up bug fixed.

The rest of the gun bugs fixed.

All known bugs fixed!

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