Enclave 3.1 Download links 


Enclave 3.1 Download links,
V3.1 is just a test version of Enclave 3.3 and dose not contain all of 3.3's fixes and content, i need people testing the shit out of this version so Enclave 3.3 can be pure of bugs! and then 3.3 will be released! To install download all of the files (then) go into only the first file and extract or i prefer copy everything to your Interplay folder, if you need help at all when setting the mod up comment on the here.

File 1
File 2
File 3
File 4

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2 RobertHouse   [Entry]
Yes Enclave 3.1 still runs on FT Improver.
Enclave will never run on Rage, it would take ages to convert Enclave so that it would run correctly and stable.
I will PM you some information about Rage...

1 gpgpgpgp   [Entry]
Great job! I can't wait  to download now! BTW, what's about the announcement of a new engine? Is Enclave 3.1 still based on j's FT Improved engine now?

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