DLC details so far 


The following DLC or expansions will not start development until after the first full release of Fallout: Last Vegas,

The first DLC is "Project: Archimedes" it will contain a rather large campaign with 10-13 new maps complete with a new world map and several new weapons, items and armors, the exact amount of everything is still to be decided.

The second DLC is "The Forgotten" this DLC has its own campaign that is played aboard the Archimedes 2 space station, it will include some new weapons and lots of armors and items it will be a set of about 6-8 new maps, it will probably be more of a expansion to Project: Archimedes.

The last DLC to be constructed is "E.U.S." The exact specs to this DLC is top secret government information and cannot be displayed! Or at least not yet any way ;)

The Project: Archimedes world map can be traveled to even after its campaign is completed! :) I have now figured out a way to let the player jump from for instance: Fallout: Last Vegas's world map to Project: Archimedes's world map and back again.

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