Yes people we have a mobile app for Android users!!

Some default mobile browsers will make browsing RobCo's DB a pain or impossible,
well this little mini-browser fixes all nown problems and makes browsing RobCo's DB fast, easy and may be fun!

App made by RobCo game development team.
Current version: (1.3.5)

Change log:

-Fixed websites HTML compatibility problems.

-Added icon and splash image.
-Added menu buttons support.

-Added support for screen rotation.
-Added support for menu buttons rotation.

-Removed loading restrictions.
-Added new icons to the menu bar buttons.
-Removed of site and unnecessary buttons on the menu box.
-Fixed page loading problems.
-Fixed page loading speed by 35%.
-Fixed device security problems.
-Added support for saving Cookies for auto login and faster loading speed.

Bug log:
When loging in screen will show a white screen, only fix for now is to click login and wait for the white screen to appear and click back a few times, you may have to attempt to login a few times.

This new version cleans up the previous released version of RobCo Mobile with new icons, less cluttered buttons and mainly focuses on lowering page loading time by fixing compatibility and security issues, with this version you should see a 35-40%! speed increase on older devices, on new devices you should see a 20-35% speed increase. (Remember these are just rough guesses, I have only my own device to test on.)


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