Long Live The King
The Action take action during 2240-2289 when the Warrior destroyed computer forces. And later he became the owner of BoS. In 2240 someone took his place and declared himself the king. And you must make his dirty jobs, to kill the commonwealth leaders to get free. As about the clans i can tell you 1 thing i am gonna list them: №1: BOS Empire They mainly use Gauss and laser weapons and the shiny brotherhood armors, they are an oppressive nation with the Outsiders, and to become an member (the citizenship) you must enroll the army like 2 years and participate to bloody wars with the Commonwealth. Capital: Central Bunker Zeta(CBZ) Regime: Authoritarian Single Head Leader Tech Level: High (includes the bunker and robotic science, the pre-war science) Money per citizen/soldier: 144 BOScrips Soldiers: 9020 soldiers Citizens joined: 9300 Citizens Controlled Zones: Atlanta, Orlando, East Florida №2: The Commonwealth They mainly use fire weapons like UZI and Miniguns but they also use energy weapons but rarely, they are an good to anyone nation and to become a citizen you must have an ID where you get by paying 1250 BOSScrips, this nation is a prospering one, till the BOS coming into them. Capital: The Commonwealth Underground Army Vault (CUAV) Regime: Free Market Tech Level: High Money per citizen/soldier: 210 BOSScrips Soldiers: 7830 soldiers Citizens joined: 12000 citizens Controlled Zones: West Florida, Alabama